Student Teachers

Application Deadline for Spring 2019:  September 15, 2018

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The Trinect project is offering a paid opportunity for elementary education majors to work collaboratively with an engineering graduate student and cooperating teacher throughout the student teaching experience.


  • You will be at a distinct advantage over other job seekers for highly-desired elementary teaching positions;
  • You will have experience in a diverse school district—something that principals look for when hiring;
  • You will have help in teaching math and science from a successful and personable graduate student in engineering who loves to work with kids, and can provide resources, lessons, and content support for you;
  • You will have a 16 week placement which has been shown to result in higher teaching effectiveness—you’ll get to know your students very well and will have a stronger impact on their learning, and you will have more time to practice teaching;
  • You will be paid $2,500 for your participation, which includes your time at a 2-day workshop before the school year starts, and your time to co-plan classroom activities with your cooperating teacher and the engineering graduate student in engineering, and participation in research and evaluation activities.
  • Finally, you’ll have access to faculty in Science Education, Engineering, and Physics for assistance with your teaching even beyond your student teaching experience. This long-term support into your first years of teaching will help jumpstart your career.


  • Student teaching placement during Spring 2019
  • Completion of research evaluation components such as surveys, focus groups, etc.
  • Interest in collaborating with a team including a cooperating teacher and engineer
  • Attendance at a preparation workshop scheduled for November 30 – December 1, 2018